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Miloš Blaško / Miloshes

Startup enthusiast & web developer

About me

I come from and live in Slovakia, Europe. I sticked around computers from my childhood, ended up studying software engineering and working as a web developer. Programming allows me to solve people's problems through technology.

With my developer hat on, I look for simple, elegant and effective solutions. "Done is better than perfect" and "The best code is no code at all" are phrases that guide me every day.

I got fascinated by startups few years back and gathered great amount of experience when tried to build two of my own. Most of my professional experience comes also from startup companies. That's the environment in which I feel energized and motivated.

In my free time, I try to spend offline time with my girlfriend and cats or read self-improvement and business books. I used to organize Startup Weekend Bratislava and mentor at Rails Girls events. I enjoy playing soccer with friends and swimming.

My projects

Visblee is a reservation system for local local services such as barber shops, hairdressers, beauty saloons, sport and wellness.

Darpo is the biggest gift card aggregator in Slovakia. Website provides detailed information about each brand and helps visitors to pick the right gift for their family and friends. We also offer additional services like sending physical gift cards over mail or helping companies to promote their brand on web.

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